Gilet with a Hood

My original design long gilet with pockets made with a hood

There are more pictures of this sheepskin gilet shown on a design page.


Goatskin Gilet B

Brown nappalan finish goatskin with natural shades in the hair.



More pics and details about the Goatskin Gilets

Goatskin Gilet C

Brown nappalan finish goatskin with natural shades in the hair.



Sheepskin Jacket

One Only.

Black semi nappalan with short curly wool



Shaded Sheepskin Gilet

One Only.

Totally unique shaded shortwool sheepskin gilet.

More pics of the gilet


Brown Sheepskin Gilet

One Only.

Brown brisa shortwool sheepskin gilet


Tan White Gilet

One Only in this shade.

Pretty tan white toscana sheepskin gilet



Russian Style Gilet

Another style of toscana gilet showing off the very pretty brisa wool on the turned edges.

More about the design


Individual Fashion Designs in Sheepskin Suede & Leather

Shortwool Sheepskin Gilet with a Hood and Pockets

Shaded Sheepskin Gilet

Cabra Gilet B-  Bl 20 inches

Individual Sheepskin Gilet

Cabra Gilet C Bl 22

Tan White Toscana Gilet

Black Gilet with Short Curly Wool

Beige Nappalan Gilet

Black Reversible Shearling Jacket with Curly Wool

Russian Style Toscana Sheepskin Gilet

Brown Distressed Leather Jacket with Toscana Trim

Black Suede Gilet with Toscana Trim

Cognac Antique Cape  with Toscana Trim

Petrol Navy Leather Gilet with Toscana Trim

Curly Sheepskin Gilet

One Only.

Black nappalan curly shortwool sheepskin gilet


More Pictures


 Brown Nappalan Sheepskin with Toscana Trim

Charcoal Toscana Brisa Sheepskin Jacket

Camel Nappalan Gilet with Toscana Trim

Coral Suede FinishToscana Sheepskin Gilet

Long Camel Icelandic Sheepskin Gilet

Beige Suede Finish Gilet with Toggle

Mauve Short Wool Sheepskin Gilet

Tan White Nappalan Finish Gilet

Short Sheepskin Gilet

One Only.

Beige nappalan shortwool sheepskin gilet with pom pom ties


Individual Goatskin & Short Wool Sheepskin Gilets & Jacket from Stock

See the Sheepskin Gilets Gallery

Collection of  Shearling Sheepskin Coats & Jackets

Original Jacket and Gilet Designs to Make To Order when Suitable Materials are Available

     Sheepskin Jackets and Gilets

See the Sheepskin Jackets & Gilets Gallery

These are some of the individual fashion designs hand made in leather suede and sheepskin that I have sold as individually priced items from stock. I had planned to specialise in accessories on Designerleathercraft but there was such a lot of interest in my gilets in particular the style of the coral toscana gilet that I decided to make some of this style of gilet for stock. I started with some toscana sheepskin gilets in black and brown brisa and I can now offer you some lovely colours in the toscana sheepskins as well.

Individual Leather & Suede Jackets and Gilets made with Sheepskin  Trimming

See the Sheepskin Trim Jackets & Gilets Gallery

This leather jacket and these leather and suede gilets trimmed with toscana sheepskin are sold now but I will leave the pictures here as similar gilets and jackets are sometimes available to order.

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Toscana Sheepskin Gilets
Designer Leather Craft. Suede leather snakeskin and sheepskin products and craft supplies.

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