These great quality sheepskin flying jackets are made with North American sheepskins. The skins are especially prepared for flying jackets with rich honey colour wool 2cm long and a dark brown nappalan finish. The retail price of sheepskin flying jackets of this quality is usually higher than my price so I hope my jackets are not just great quality but also the best value available. The popular classic flying jackets are great for ladies to keep super cosy too.

Sheepskin Flying Jackets

Popular Classic Style Sheepskin Flying Jackets

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Popular Classic Style Flying Jacket

This Jacket Design is now SOLD OUT

Please note all my current collections of sheepskin flying jackets are sold out.

Ladies Flying Jackets

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The back panels in the flying jackets are cut according to the sheepskins and may vary from jacket to jacket. If you would like me to email a picture of the actual jacket I will be sending please ask.

Great Quality Sheepskin Flying Jackets Great Value - Out of Stock

Sheepskin Flying Jacket Fronts

Sheepskin Flying Jacket Fronts

Sheepskin Flying Jacket Backs

Sheepskin Flying Jacket Backs

ladies sheepskin flying jacket
ladies shearling flying jacket
Gorgeous Goatskin Jacket
Helen McAlinden Brown Designer Leather Jacket
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